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Complicated and boring and awesome.

Ryder Systems: Ever Better​

Almost everything you depend on every day is delivered by a company you’ve probably never heard of. Ryder System is one of the country’s largest transportation, supply chain and logistics providers. We have worked with them since 2016, developing marketing strategy and integrated campaigns for divisions that range from integrated logistics solutions to used truck sales.Our initiatives over the last three years were diverse. We crafted an unorthodox, yet supremely effective, direct marketing solution to generate leads for their Salesforce, generating an ROI for this effort of over 48x.We assembled a comprehensive integrated campaign, including television in just six weeks to address a short-term retail effort, which reached its sales goal in less than six months.We helped usher in a new era of clean energy for one of the largest logistics providers on earth as they put a pilot program of electric vehicles into their fleet: Chanje by Ryder. Final mile delivery is one of the most complex and resource-dependent parts of supply chain, and the implementation of this program has been key to Ryder meeting their efficiency targets over the last four years. we assembled a comprehensive launch strategy for the implementation of an electric vehicle launch, putting them at the forefront of their industry.And we helped them breathe new life into one of the mainstays of their business, fleet truck rental, through new digitally- based marketing.The result? In 2019, Ryder experienced 6.1% growth, recording their best year ever, with revenue of $8.9 billion.

Paulina Aquino


Paulina Aquino is the Chief Financial Officer at Markham Yard. Born in Santiago, Chile. She has resided in Florida since 1979. Paulina is a team building and financial professional with more than 20 years of experience within the Advertising industry. As a mother and grandmother Paulina strongly believes in a work/life balance, increasing productivity, happiness, and reducing stress. Paulina is also a firm believer in the power of positive thinking; it has made it possible for her to reach new heights in her career and help others do the same. On a personal level, Paulina enjoys family time, shopping and is obsessed with shoes! She also enjoys dining out, good wine and of course, coffee.