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Founded in Miami Beach in 1946, City National has been a pillar of the local community for 75 years. There are countless examples of the footprint City National Bank has left, and is leaving, in Florida. But today, 75 years later, we find ourselves poised and in a great position for the future. We’ve secured a role as the “hometown” bank and, as we think about how to pave the way to a stronger future, we are ready to be the bank that fuels the next generation of Florida.

City National Bank of Florida Advertising 75 Year Anniversary
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Oriental Bank of Puerto Rico Advertising

Oriental Bank

Unbanking the Bank.

Helping a challenger brand find a passing lane.

We worked with Oriental Bank, Puerto Rico’s second-largest financial institution, to create a disruptive new brand presence in the marketplace that matched their innovations in banking. We launched an integrated campaign across mass media, digital, events and guerrilla.

We created a new and disruptive brand position for Oriental Bank based on the fact that they are working to engineer a different, modern, customer-centric bank, using technology to make their brand experience seamlessly integrate with people’s daily lives. And at every point, our prime strategy has been to craft communications that don’t feel like traditional financial marketing.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you. In Spanish, the word “banco” means “bank,” but it also means “bench.” To demonstrate the virtual and online capabilities of Oriental Bank, we used the bench to signify that their bank was literally wherever you were, 24/7/365.

Growing in a shrinking market.

Since Hurricane Maria in 2016, Puerto Rico has seen a number of professional-class people emigrate to the mainland United States. Despite that, we have worked with Oriental Bank to successfully grow their business and market share in the years since.

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Oriental Bank Vive La Diferencia Advertising Campaign
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Oriental Bank Advertising Material
Oriental Bank Advertising
Oriental Bank Online Banking Advertising
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