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19 YEARS of Markham Yard

19 Things I’ve learned

Today marks the 19th anniversary of Markham Yard. It’s been a crazy journey to get to where we find ourselves, and inevitably, we’ve picked up some stuff along the way. Some useful, some weird, some inspirational, and some, like a cockroach after Armageddon, dumb but immortal.

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everyone is in marketing

The Janitor is in Marketing.

Recently, we were presenting a brand campaign to the Board of Directors of a large corporation, which was going pretty well, when the Chief Financial Officer leaned in to give his input.

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Markham Yard Grows Roots with Farm Bureau Bank

Farm Bureau Bank has selected Markham Yard to lead its integrated branding and marketing efforts after a national competitive review among undisclosed participants.

Farm Bureau Bank provides digitally focused banking solutions to Farm Bureau members and their communities in over 44 states. Banking products and services include checking accounts, auto loans, and credit cards, as well as business and commercial services.

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Paulina Aquino


Paulina Aquino is the Chief Financial Officer at Markham Yard. Born in Santiago, Chile. She has resided in Florida since 1979. Paulina is a team building and financial professional with more than 20 years of experience within the Advertising industry. As a mother and grandmother Paulina strongly believes in a work/life balance, increasing productivity, happiness, and reducing stress. Paulina is also a firm believer in the power of positive thinking; it has made it possible for her to reach new heights in her career and help others do the same. On a personal level, Paulina enjoys family time, shopping and is obsessed with shoes! She also enjoys dining out, good wine and of course, coffee.