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Old Parr Whisky Advertising

Old Parr Whisky

Life from a different perspective.

In the waning moments of 2009, the global spirits company Diageo, enlisted Markham Yard to handle the branding for the Grand Old Parr Scotch Whisky in Latin & South America. We were tasked with consumer insight, strategic thinking, creative execution and media-agnostic problem solving to activate the long-dormant Old Parr brand. The Grand Old Parr is one of Diageo’s oldest and most venerable brands, having been in distribution in various parts of the world since 1919. 

We executed marketing in a wide array of media, both above and below the line, on-premise and at retail. To date, the campaign has been running for three years, and Old Parr is enjoying newfound popularity throughout the region. In the time we worked on the brand – Old Parr’s social media channels grew from zero to the point where its Facebook following is over 1,200,000.

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New York Blood Center Enterprises

New York Blood Center Enterprises

New York Blood Center Enterprises

Helping save lives, one prick at a time.

Blood donation has always been seen as a civic duty, and for generations, people stepped up and participated in blood drives across America to ensure that when there was a need, there were reserves of live-giving blood. However, there has been a recent downward trend in donation as Millenials and GenZ have moved away from blood donation. This, coupled with the brick wall in donations created by the COVID pandemic, has created a critical need to stimulate donations, as well as teach younger generations the importance of good blood donation habits.

Research suggests a number of reasons that people shy away from donating, and fear of needles was surprisingly dominant among those reasons. But the fact is, giving blood is a relatively simple, and painless experience.

So we set out to demonstrate the absurdity of this fear. People tolerate all sorts of things on an everyday basis that hurt more than giving blood. A tattoo. A pierced ear. A stubbed toe. If you’re not phased by any of those, then you have no excuse not to donate blood.

We’ve created an integrated campaign running across TV, Outdoor, Digital, Radio and Social Media to bring this to life in order to bolster the vitally needed reserves of blood across the country.

Get you blood in the game
Ready Donor One
NYBC Shirt
Be a hero
Power up the community
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Running into your ex with spinach into your teeth.
Getting stuck on the Triborough bridge
Things that hurt more than giving blood #165
Things that hurt more than giving blood #91: The day after leg-day.
Things that hurt more than giving blood.
Things That Hurt More than Giving Blood #103 The potholes in Missouri.
Things that hurt more than giving blood.
Things that hurt more than giving blood.
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